Eleventh International Summer School "War, Gender and Precarity" Narrative  Report

                                         The International Summer School was held in Moldova on July 7-24, 2022.

- to give the participants an overview of feminist approaches to the precarity theory
- to discuss the existing and new forms of cooperation between academia, NGOs, and trade unions to mobilize ourselves in the face of the current and looming crises

- to decide how can we address this moment of extreme precarity, which also exists in academia, and transform it into a moment of inclusion in which civil society institutions will have space for various subaltern voices to be heard.


 JULY, 4TH – JULY, 18TH, 2021


“Reconciliation of the Divided Societies: Finding Common Ground”

The situation in the world today shows that such communities are appearing more and more frequently. 2020 was very rich in terms of interethnic, international and intra-social civil conflicts, both in the world and in the post-Soviet space and Russia. Further, the pandemic has exacerbated contradictions and social inequality and contributes to the division of communities. Regarding this, the problem of reuniting divided communities and overcoming post-conflict traumas becomes urgent and we have decided to return to this topic again, as it is also largely correlated with the problem of commemoration of wars, which our international summer school this year was dedicated to.

Link to the full version of school programm:

VII International Summer School "modern World through Gender Lenses: New Challenges to Women's Movement"

Narrative report on the international summer online school

« The past that defines our future: the formation of national strategies for commemoration and oblivion»


The school took place as planned on July 13-31.The goals of the summer school were:

- to present the experience of different European countries and regions in the reconciliation of divided societies after the wars to the participants;

- to teach participants to use the gender analysis in the elaboration of the approaches to peacebuilding and conflict resolution;

- to discuss national strategies of war conflicts commemoration and the role of civil society in overcoming of post-war traumas.

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